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software: openframeworks
hardware: rasberry pi (2013)

Exhibited at:
Limerick Lifelong Learning Event 2013 - Faber Studio - Limerick

This artwork is also discussed in the following journal article:
Torre, G. (2017), `Expectations versus Reality of Arti cial Intelligence: using Art to Reflect on and Discuss some of the Ontological Issues.', Leonardo Art Journal (50:1)- MIT PRESS.

Like flies in a cage our thoughts randomly move. A neurone fires. A multitude of neurones fire and create thoughts, consciousness. In doing so, the quadrants (i.e. neurons) acts in parallel with no clear distinction between conscious and unconscious mental states. The artwork, thus, is an attempt to artistically visualise Daniel Dennett's Multiple Drafts Model (MDM) of consciousness. This works investigates the aesthetics of pointers within the C++ toolkit openFrameworks.

flies and Dennett

flies and Dennett