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incidental effects

live coding performance
software: ORCA, Carla, Jack, Debian

Perfomed at:
Piksel Festival XX -2022 (19Nov - Bergen, Norway)
International Computer Music onference 2023 (17 Oct - Shenzen, China)

Incidental Effects is a three-part live coding performance exploring the displaced relationship between numbers and self.

To what point will I recognise the unequivocal trace of my gestures if those and every gestures are ever transcoded to logico-quantitative entitities - i.e. numbers - at the hands of digital technologies?

Such a relationship between numbers and self is at the core of my practices as a digital art pratitioner and researcher. In other words, if all of our actions and interactions with the digital undergo a transcoding to numbers via a spatio-temporal segmetation of our gesture, are we then to think that the only trace of our selves are numerical traces? Perhaps the condition of the live act, the extemporaneous (aka kairotic) character of the live act can alleviate this paradoxical condition subtending the work of the digital art practitioner? The compositional strategy deployed in this work is centered around the utilisation of minimal technology and sonic material.

The intent is one for which by minimising technology and constraining sonic possibilities one may enhance the chances for the ownership of gestures. Hence, each part develops with and around one synth-sound only; sounds that are manipulated live within a structured improvisational skeleton driven by numbers. The character of the music is beat-oriented, algorithmic and noisy. Not least, this performance is created via the exclusive use of FOSS software (Carla, SurgetXT, Orca).

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Italian Trulli

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