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Ode to Open source

software: svg, gif

Exhibited at:
06.07.-13.07.2018., Galerija Filodrammatica, Rijeka (Croatia)

ode to open-source / opensource

By: Intel Corporation, Apple Inc., Bodhi Linux Team: Jeff Hoogland, Joris “aeonius” van Dijk, Stephen “okra” Houston, Jason “Tristam” Thomas, Kristi Hoogland, Patrick Duckson, Rbt “ylee” Wiley, Roger “JollyRoger” Carter, Charles “Charles@Bodhi” van de Beek, Stefan “the waiter” Uram, Stace “sef” Fauske, Kai “kuuko” Huuhko, Jacob “oblio” Olson, Ken “trace” LaBuda, Christopher “devilhorns” Michael, Jason “jarope” Peel, Chris “prolog” Seekamp, Bob Eley, Darren “LostBumpkin” Dooley, Anthony “AntCer” Cervantes, Kaleb “belak” Elwert, Jose “Jose” Manimala, Gareth “hippytaff” Williams, Micah “M1C4HTRON13” Denn, Meji “Meji_D” Dejsdóttir, Víctor “esmirlin” Parra García, Mark “ottermaton” Strawser, Caerolle, Reuben L. Lillie, Gar Romero, Doug “Deepspeed” Yanez, Timmy “timmy” Larsson, Dennis “DennisD”, Inkscape Developer Team: Eduard Braun, Chris Roger, Robert Sterbal, Martin Owens, Marc Jeanmougin, Jabiertxo Arraiza Cenoz, Tavmjong Bah, Krzysztof Kosiński, Nicolas Dufour, Bryce Harrington, Johan Engelen, Ted Gould, Alex Valavanis, Josh Andler, Matthew Petroff, Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira, Luca Bruno, brynn, Jon Cruz, the Adib, Liam White, Sebastian Wüst, Nathan Hurst, ivan louette, Tim Sheridan, Marcin Floryan, John Blintz, John Cliff, Alvin Penner, Ivan Masár, Jonas Termeau, Ryan Gorley, Chris Brown, Maximilian Albert, Sebastian Faubel, Gord Caswell, Christoffer Holmstedt, PNG: Thomas Boutell, Tom Lane, Mark Adler, Thomas Boutell, Christian Brunschen, Adam M. Costello, Lee Daniel Crocker, Andreas Dilger, Oliver Fromme, Jean-loup Gailly, Chris Herborth, Aleks Jakulin, Neal Kettler, Tom Lane, Alexander Lehmann, Chris Lilley, Dave Martindale, Owen Mortensen, Keith S. Pickens, Robert P. Poole, Glenn Randers-Pehrson, Greg Roelofs, Willem van Schaik, Guy Schalnat, Paul Schmidt, Tim Wegner, Jeremy Wohl, GIF: Steve Wilhite & team, Mozilla.org, World Wide Web Consortium, Giuseppe Torre The list of people credited for the making of this work is only partial. Apologies to those that were omitted.

ode to open-source / opensource authorship who is the author death of the author digital art has no author

Technology in general should not be considered as a tool but rather as a social project/space in which a multitude of people across time and geographical places contribute to and act on/through. The limits of actions for everyone navigating this technological polis lie within the characteristics of what we have collectively made of this polis.

Two further considerations:
1) a knowledge of technology in its entirety cannot be possesed by a single individual.
2) everyone needs to find their own place and role within the technological polis and opensource culture is the only way to begin such self-reflective journey.

Hence, is it of any value talking about digital art only with respect to its final affective qualia? Would the traditional notion of authorship suffice without a consideration of the limits that the technological polis imposes (willingly or unwillingly) on the artist?